Answering your questions about personal training

Investing your time and money into something new will raise a lot of questions. Especially when it comes to your physical health and well-being, you should be in the know. To give you a little more insight, we answered the internet’s most asked questions about working with a personal trainer: By the end of this post we hope we’ll have answered
your questions about personal training.

“Who is personal training for?”

Ultimately, personal training is for anyone – the individual and their goals shape training sessions. Everyone’s requirements differ, so there are personal training services available to everyone. A large proportion of individuals want to lose weight; some want to gain it and pack on muscle. A lot of clients have a particular event to prepare for, such as a wedding or fitness event. So they will begin their fitness journey to get in shape or become their goal size. 

Personal training is popular with both men and women. Any gender can train hard to make an impact – it’s particular to you and your goals. Any age or gender can benefit from personal training. 

A common myth is that Personal Training sessions are for people that are already into fitness and want to sustain their workouts. However, it’s more suited to those that are looking to change and learn. No matter what point you’re at, there is a trainer out there to push you one step closer to where you want to be. 

“Why get a personal trainer?”

A Personal Trainer isn’t someone that holds your towel; they are educators. Personal training is all about learning how to get in shape by eating the right diet and moving in the right way. A good personal trainer will educate you on some of these things:

  • Types of exercises such as cardiovascular & resistance
  • How to carefully carry out such exercises
  • How to progress safely
  • Basic nutrition: portion control & macronutrients 
  • How to put together a regime that makes a real difference

Personal trainers are there to ensure you perform with the perfect technique for your body every time. Trainers understand that not everybody has the same mechanisms and functions, so they can tweak your form to work the exact targeted muscle. For example, a squat could be performed in over 40 different ways. Which ways are best for you? A personal trainer will be able to help with that. 

Being short on time is something we can all relate to. Usually, the first thing to suffer is the motivation to get to the gym and come up with some remanence of a regime to work on. One of the best things about personal training is leaving your mind free from counting reps, sets and wondering whether you’ve wasted your time. 

Equally, personal training means you don’t have to spend hour after hour training every day to see results. It’s about training efficiently and pushing your body to the limit to receive the benefits. Having a personal trainer will empower you to train smarter with your lifestyle. 

PTs will also hold you accountable for getting those training sessions in each week. It will keep your workouts consistent and it will encourage you to build good habits.

Personal training at the Cut Gym London Personal training programme at the Cut Gym London

“How much are personal training sessions?”

How long is a piece of string? We all want to pay a reasonable price for the services we so longingly desire. When it comes to personal training, less doesn’t always equal more. It usually follows the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, but finding the right personal trainer to you is priceless. 

You could pay £30 per session, three times a week for 12 months and see no change. (£4,680!?) Or, you could pay £90 per session, twice a week for four months and completely change your body (and your life). 

At The Cut, our exclusive studio facility and expert trainers means you’re not only getting the experience you wanted, but you get those results you needed. 


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