Traits of a successful Transformation

Success leaves clues.” Develop a strategy that works and follow it. Your strategy may be the same as the person you’re modelling, or it may be adjusted for your present circumstances.”-Tony Robbins


Everyone wants to look good, but not everyone is willing to work for it. A transformation or remarkable fat loss journey does not happen by fluke or chance, but by hard graft and a calculated approach. There are a few commonalities that successful transformational clients share:-


“Consistency is king” when it comes to a successful transformation. Lifting weights 3x a week for 12 weeks will serve you better than 5x week for a week followed by 1x a week for the next fortnight.

As boring as it sounds, if you eat mostly whole, nutrient dense foods and stay in a moderate calorie deficit most of the time, you will lose body fat. It dos not have to be complicated to work and we don’t expect perfection as we are not training robots here.


Work Ethic & Intensity

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. It does not matter where you train or who your personal trainer is if you are not willing to work hard. Even the most well constructed training programmes will not help you change your physique if you are not putting the graft in. I am not saying you have to be crawling out of the gym after every session, but you do have to operate outside of your comfort zone.


Be Coachable with a good Attitude

Pick who you trust to train you carefully and then fully commit. It is great to want to be educated on the process, to ask questions and want to learn, but if you don’t trust the process and the strategy set out for you, the you are set for a fall. When you are dieting, tired and moody you may want to quit and look for easier options. An experienced personal trainer will know how hard to push you and when to ease off. Be open to feedback and also honest with yours. It is great to have good relationship with your trainer.

A good attitude will help accelerate your results and progress forward with your successful transformation. A bad attitude can massively get in the way.



Schedule your training like you would a work commitment. We ask our clients seeking a transformation to train 3x hours a week. Whilst this may be tough to fit in to a busy schedule, I would nearly go as far as saying it is a “non-negotiable”. Remember a transformation is not just about losing weight through energy balance, it is about improving your physique. I don’t think there is a valid argument against weight training being the optimal workout for retaining or building muscle. Plan your meals in advance. If you wait until you are hungry you will find your willpower tested, being in a calorie deficit can be hard enough without cravings.


Currently we have 6x personal trainers working in the at The Cut. Most of us have had coaches to help us achieve our fitness goals. Going it alone is tough and more often than not an outsiders perspective is clearer. Get in touch to see if we can help





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