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GEOFF Length of Transformation: 10 weeks Testimonial: “After a few years of a sloppy unstructured gym and eating routine I knew I needed help. Greg paved the way for me to achieve the body I wanted. With weekly check ins and a…

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PAUL Length of Transformation: 6 weeks Age: 31 Testimonial: “I reached out to Steve 6 weeks before a holiday. I felt I had left it too late to “trial and error”. It was hard work, but I couldn’t believe how quick the weight…

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TOM Length of Transformation: 6 weeks Age: 27 Testimonial: “I contacted Steve after seeing a good friend of mine do so well training with him. In 6 weeks I got back to my leanest after putting on a bit of weight since…

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MICHAEL Length of Transformation: 12 weeks Age: 45 Testimonial: “I took up personal training to try and turn back the clock. I had become less physically active in my career and it was taking its toll. I needed accountability more than anything. I knew…

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JONNY Length of Transformation: 16 weeks Age: 47 Testimonial: “In 16 weeks I lost just under 15kg. I was recommended to Steve by a colleague.  I was apprehensive at first because I am always travelling with work, but the nutrition guidelines and training programmes…

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  GEORGE Length of Transformation: 16 weeks Age: 27 Testimonial: “I’ve been training with Steve for over 4 months and have seen fantastic results, losing just shy of 20kg without starving myself or going hungry and factoring in days/weekends off around my…

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RASHEED Length of Transformation: 8 months Testimonial: “When I started with Steve I was at 24% body fat. After 8 months I had reduced this to 14%, packed on some muscle and was feeling generally like a much healthier person. The…

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JON Length of Transformation: 24 weeks Age: 36 Testimonial:  “I first started training with Steve last year to get me in shape for my wedding. This was in a commercial gym pre “The Cut”. Steve was great adapting our workouts to accommodate…

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