Our Studio is fully equipped with top of the range Watson stations, SONOS sound system, reception area and kitchen to serve post workout shakes and high quality female and male changing rooms featuring the best shower care products.

Adjustable Hack Squat

  • Lower body development
  • Hydraulically adjustable angle
  • Ultra-heavy duty build

Training through various angles helps develop leg strength faster by targeting and working different areas of the leg.

Pendulum Squat

  • Isolates various parts of the quads
  • Adjustable bottom position stop
  • Safe on lower back

Replicating the squat, the pendulum removes pressure from the lower back and only requires a small amount of weight to create resistance.

Lying Leg Curl

  • Works hamstrings and glutes
  • Safe on lower back

This machine is designed to isolate the glutes and hamstrings creating a smooth resistance.

Power Rack

  • Solid heavy duty rack
  • Chinning bar & monkey bar systems
  • Multitude of exercises

The special edition power rack gives the ability to carry out the majority of compound exercises accurately and safely.

Plate Loaded Chest Press

  • Keeps tension on chest through movement
  • Shallow Incline

The chest press is the best machine to hit all areas of the mid/upper chest as well as triceps.

Plate Loaded Leg Extension

  • Isolated movements for quads
  • Smooth movement

A serious leg machine for those that want to target and load quads with a smooth and precise exercise.

Plate Loaded Low Row

  • Exercise for building back
  • Diverging arms for muscle fibre recruitment

Similar to the dumbbell row, the low row works the back in a bio-mechanically correct way.

Lat Pulldown/Low Pulley

  • Dual machine
  • 120kg stack

This machine allows you to train lat pulldowns and low pulley rows without cable changes.

Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • Twin 100kg stacks
  • Fully height adjustable

A versatile and multi functional machine that allows you to perform a huge range of training exercises.