Looking for a personal trainer

Choosing the right personal trainer and gym for you 


Looking for a personal trainer is an ever-growing industry can be challenging. Like every profession, there are different standards, niches and environments, all of which should be taken into consideration when deciding your path for improving your health and fitness. 

Results are crucial for most, but it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have faith in your trainer and trust the process they have mapped out for you. Don’t rush when picking your trainer and personal training studio/gym as getting it wrong can be costly in time and money.


Personal training can be an excellent investment of your money and time, but make sure you pick a professional. If you have a trainer who is a poor timekeeper, doesn’t plan or track your sessions and uses his/her phone during your sessions, then get a new trainer. You should want a personal trainer who is attentive during sessions and also invested in you. You should look at personal training as more than just someone training you. Your trainer should be there to support you outside of sessions and hold you accountable. 



Find someone who is motivated and passionate about helping others. How many times have you been in a gym and trainers look bored and are clock-watching? A good personal trainer should want you to achieve your result as much as you do.



Make sure the personal trainer you pick has worked with people who had goals similar to yours and delivered results. Like most industries, personal trainers have niches. At The Cut, we specialise in fat loss, transformations and hypertrophy/building muscle which we achieve through resistance/weight training and nutrition coaching. We are very clear about what we do and do not claim to be experts in areas that we are not such as rehab and marathons, for example. If you have a clear goal, pick an expert and not a “jack of all trades.”



Your surroundings can be nearly as crucial as choosing a personal trainer. When new to the gym, a comfortable atmosphere can be what keeps you on track. Walking into a loud and overcrowded gym can be enough to put off the most enthusiastic gym-goers. Find a place where you feel welcome, supported and surround yourself with like-minded people who have a similar attitude as you do.

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