Testimonials from our personal training clients

We’re proud to help our clients achieve their fitness goals.  Here are some testimonials from our personal training clients who’ve shared their experiences of training with us. We’ve helped our clients achieve some fantastic body transformations. 

“Greg is an awesome motivational trainer and a professional who really knows his stuff. Both him and Steve, who runs this really outstanding PT gym, create a really good atmosphere and push you to achieve your goals. The Cut is top quality – I strongly recommend it to anyone”.

Jeff W

“The Cut is a fantastic place to train. It has a boutique, personal feel and everything they do is tailored towards you and your own goals. Training with Warren has been a good, if exhausting, experience and in less than 2 months I’ve made ten times more progress than I have done in years on my own.

If you’re thinking about personal training then they’re well worth visiting – it’s so much better than doing it in a busy commercial gym”.

Benedict Roberts

1) Knowledgeable and personable trainers

2) Great range of equipment

3) Convenient location in the City of London

4) Pleasant changing rooms with all amenities including fresh towel

Chris S

Personal training at the Cut Gym London

“Steve is a fantastic trainer, and his knowledge, dedication and attention to detail are second to none. As a vegetarian, I had struggled in the past to get my nutrition right – Steve went above and beyond to help me with this, and we worked together to create sustainable eating habits that fit around my lifestyle. Steve’s greatest strength is how much he cares about his clients’ results, for example, even when I had to travel for work I sent him a video of the gym and he sent me a simpler tailored plan! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and I have no doubt The Cut will be a huge success”.

Akash Purohit

“I had no idea that a personal training experience could be so good! The space is great (first class equipment, changing rooms nicely kitted out etc). Steve is such a star – he makes me work hard but is also so supportive and motivating. I didn’t expect to have a trainer feel actually invested in my own goals. Really recommend”.

Erika Games

“To anyone at any stage of their fitness journey, I can’t recommend The Cut enough. Having fitness experts guiding you through a training process that has been carefully crafted to meet your personal fitness goals, has been a revelation and in the 2 months I’ve been training, I have never felt so good. I used to work out loads at the gym and wouldn’t see or feel any different, until now. Thanks to my PT (Jana) I have seen results that I didn’t think were possible”.

Adrikha M

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