Steve Wise

Founder and Studio Director
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Steve Wise

I started my personal training career in a busy commercial gym where sometimes sessions became compromised due to overcrowding on the gym floor, I knew from then I wanted to be in a facility where everything was set up to best facilitate the client. Along with with my business partners, we founded The Cut with the goal to put together a team of personal trainers, all experts in their field, in an exclusive studio where we can offer the optimal atmosphere for clients to work out in.
It is my passion to help individuals to achieve goals they could not reach on their own by supporting them with the right tools, environment and encouragement.


“It takes hard work and a really calculated approach to obtain a transformation of your health, your body or your mindset, for the average person. With our help people can really change their lives resulting in a fitter, healthier and happier version of themselves.”

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