What We Do

We turn commitment into outstanding results. We do not believe in cutting corners, which is why our clients are empowered with the knowledge to completely transform their bodies and sustain them there on after.

Getting Started

To some extent this is the hardest part. Getting out of your comfort zone can be one of the biggest barriers, but we have created a welcoming atmosphere to get you motivated from the very beginning. Of course, this isn’t to say getting in shape will be easy, but you have to start if you want to get there.

Goal Setting

What do you want to achieve? We are here to help you hit your own goals, not the goals we set for you. Each trainer encourages setting ambitious objectives whilst managing expectations. Each transformation is unique and can be just as much a psychological change as it is physical; which is why goal setting keeps progress on track for you to achieve extraordinary results.

Create Habits

Some studies show it takes anywhere from 21-66 days to create a habit depending on the nature of it. From day one, we will work with you to build long term habits that help deliver a sustainable result.


We are not only here to develop your strength and skills, but also to educate you in training and nutrition. A success story to us is a client who looks, feels and moves better but also has an increased knowledge on health and fitness.

Support & Motivation

At The Cut, you are not simply assigned to a Personal Trainer and left to it. Here you enroll into a service that supplies constant support and motivation. It is easy for motivation to fade if you are going it alone or not tracking progress. We will monitor your achievements with photos, body fat and weight measurements to ensure you are on track. Everybody in the studio will be going through what you are. Being surrounded by like-minded, motivated individuals will help you stay on course. We provide you with accountability and remind you why you started and do not let you give up.


In order to change, there must be progression. The training and nutrition protocol that works initially won’t necessarily continue to work as your body adapts. From your feedback and regular assessments, we will keep you on a path to achieving your results.

Mind-Set & Belief

Transforming your body definitely means transforming your mind-set. Believing that you can do it is half the battle. Your perception or interpretation of training and food will determine the outcome, so it is important to address the psychological element. With our constructive and positive support, you can make the right choices to accomplish your goals.


How many people quit because of boredom or lack of exercise repertoire? Whilst your programme will be written based on exercises you can execute correctly at The Cut we update your programmes in phases to ensure you do not become stagnant.

Commitment & Discipline

Commitment and discipline is a key part to achieving any results, which is why our clients have to be dedicated to their cause. If you can promise us commitment, we can guarantee excellent outcomes.


Supplements can assist with good health and performance once we identify, address and correct any possible nutritional deficiencies. Like nutrition and training, supplementation must also be bespoke to you.