Why cut in autumn?

Cooler weather is encouraging to up your training

The moment you step out of a temperature controlled gym, you’re rewarded with cool air. The drop in temperature might tempt you for some outdoor workouts or even just a few more steps, especially when every movement counts when it comes to losing weight and getting fitter. The cooler temperatures are also beneficial when it comes to staying hydrated and you end up working out harder.

The cooler weather and reduced daylight might be making you feel more tired. The lack of sunlight means that your brain produces more melatonin which makes you sleepy. Regular exercise is definitely a great way to keep energised.

Autumn food is amazing

Stews, pumpkins, squashes and all of the seasonal veggies in between. There are plenty of meals out there to get you excited about eating well. Hearty and vitamin filled autumn food will help to aid your gym training, repair your muscles and fuel your body properly. Plus, it’s the season to eat hot food! Can you feel the oven glow already? Who doesn’t love oven baked meals? Put it in the oven and walk away…

You’re more likely to stick to a schedule

Routines are important when you’re sticking to a change. Summer activities and socials have come to a close, drinks in the sun are no more and you have no more temptation to sway you away from your goals. Getting into practice becomes easier when you have the room to think, feel and find your way into them. Structure and planning is the key to making a real change. Time to pick up some new good habits.

You’re bracing yourself for Christmas

Christmas is the time of indulgence but with the autumn lead-up of learning what your body can achieve, you’ll be more than ready to balance the festivities. Getting ahead of the game, you are able to establish a solid plan before the temptations set in and you will know your limits. By the time you make it to Christmas, you will have prevented putting on weight in the first place – maybe even lost some; so instead of a New Year’s resolution to cut the Christmas pounds, you can commit to training harder/more often.You could win free training for a month

We’re launching this Autumn and you could win a month of free training for a month! That’s right, 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks you will be trained by us and guided by us to drive your transformation dreams into a reality.

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