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How we help you become fitter and healthier

The Cut Gym is a cutting edge personal training studio located just 5 minutes walk from Bank station. We’ve created the perfect environment for you to exceed your own fitness expectations with our team of expert personal trainers.

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Goal Setting

Together with you we set ambitious but achievable goals, empowering you to make the change, whether that’s fat loss, a body transformation, improved productivity or a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Personal training at the Cut Gym London

Accountability & Guidance

Working right by your side, your trainer will encourage, advise and be with you every step of the way. Ensuring that you have the right tools and assistance, your trainer will keep you on track to achieve your goals.

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Together we will design the right package over the right timescale. Take action today; contact The Cut and start your fitness journey.

Unrivalled service, results and dedication

The personal training  and fitness industry is at an all time high. New personal training studios and group fitness boutiques seem to be opening all the time. This can only be seen as positive thing for both the people in the industry and you, the consumer.

Your fitness and health is your journey, which we would be honoured to be a part of.  If The Cut is the right fit for for you and you chose to work with us then we listen to your needs and your goals and serve you to the best of our ability. Our mission at The Cut is to deliver results accompanied with an unrivalled service.

We are proud of our high spec facility, the equipment, the showers and everything else you should expect from one of London’s best personal training studios. But those components are secondary, it is our team of personal trainers that make us unique. Every trainer here plays a massive part in what makes our community special.

Steve Wise, founder and director

“Ever since I became a personal trainer the goal was clear, I wanted my own personal training studio. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to run a business within an industry I absolutely love, supported by a strong network of business partners and a team of some of the best personal trainers in London. From completing an initial business plan to actually launching The Cut, was just short of three years, which included lots of failed attempts, property viewings, substituting business partners and all but giving up. I am lucky enough to have met the right people along the way who have inspired and mentored me which led to The Cut being founded.

Unlike many people in the fitness industry, I do not come from a high level sporting background. In fact prior to becoming a trainer (and even a little after) I never felt comfortable in the gym, I always felt out of place and intimidated. It is for that reason we work hard at The Cut to make everyone feel welcome to join our community. 

Over the coming years I hope to see The Cut continue to grow and gain the reputation as the “Go To” place for results and customer service in the fitness industry”.


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Whether it’s about your health, fitness, weight, tiredness, transform your life and your career with your personal trainer, contact The Cut now.


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