The Cut Gym COVID-19 Policy


The following policy may be updated in line with any government recommendations.


  1. As we are already an appointment only facility we can easily manage the amount of people in the studio at any one time. Bookings will still take place via your trainer.You will be sent an email confirming your session which you will need to scan in at reception. Here you will digitally sign to confirm that you have no Covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with someone that has. After entering the building your temperature will be measured at reception. Anybody with a high temperature will be refused access past that point. You will be met at reception by a member of the Cut team who will bring you down to the studio when your appointment is due to start.


2.Where possible if you are able to come in your kit ready to train that would be appreciated. If not please do come no more than the time it will take you to change (max 10 min before start time) so the changing room is vacant and cleaned before those finishing their session enter it.


  1. Gym Doors have been clearly marked, so one door is for entering and one is for exiting.


  1. Hand Sanitiser is placed at reception of the building, and reception within the Cut Premises. You will be required to sanitise your hands prior to entering the gym.


  1. The Gym floor initially will be limited to a maximum of 4 clients and 4 trainers, this is below the government recommendation. At this capacity we can effectively manage social distancing at above the current guidelines. Equipment will be used by one client at a time and will be sprayed and sanitised after each use. Equipment has been rearranged so we can operate a 1 way system. 4 clients per session will be the maximum, it may well be considerably less than this for certain sessions.


  1. PPE Masks. Clients do not have to wear masks but of course have the option to do if you wish to. If you do wish to wear one these will be available at reception. Personal Trainers will be wearing either a mask or a face shield at all times on the gym floor.


  1. Changing rooms. At this time we will limit changing room usage to 2 people at any one time. We will manage the studio schedule so that people are starting and finishing at staggered times to ensure that this is the case. This will allow us to spray with sanitiser /disinfectant the shower after each use, plus wipe sink surfaces ready for the next clients. Due to this, sessions will need to finish on time to ensure this can be completed. This requires both trainers and clients to be responsible for starting and finishing the session on time please. We have been advised to remove the shampoos, body wash and conditioner from the showers and we ask that you bring your own.


  1. Everybody is to leave the building by the fire exit. This is to ensure no crowding by reception / a one way system.


We are fortunate to be a private appointment only facility that means we are confident of being able to operate safely within the guidelines. However we ask that all clients be responsible and if you have any COVID like symptoms not to attend the gym.


If you have any questions regarding the above please email

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(020) 7628 9995

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